Dubai Tour Escort

Dubai Escorts on Tour

Dubai may not be the first place you think of when you think about booking sensational escorts, but the truth is that the escort industry in Dubai is really thriving. Many escorts from many other countries, spend time 'touring' in Dubai. That is they visit the country for a few weeks offering their escort services and probably enjoying a bit of a holiday at the same time!

So when we talk about Dubai Escorts it’s a bit misleading as these escorts aren't natives of Dubai or even permanently based in the country. Whilst there may be some ladies who spend a reasonable amount of time in Dubai the majority are just visiting. However, many escorts also visit the country on a regular basis so it might be that if you live and work in Dubai meeting up with the same escort over and over again is certainly possible.

You might at first think that the attraction for escorts of touring in Dubai is the money they can make. You'll be surprised to know then that most escorts aren’t charging any more in Dubai than they would do 'at home'. So what is the attraction for escorts to tour in Dubai? Well there are many attractions. For many women perhaps the shopping comes top of the list! Dubai has the largest shopping mall in the world. You can buy everything in this country including designer gear often at great prices. If you are an escort a trip to Dubai is a great opportunity to stock up your wardrobe and you can earn the money to do so while you are there. And then there's always the possibility that you might meet a nice rich man who will buy some of those things for you!

The city of Dubai is a lively place. Clubs and bars are open til late, so there is no shortage of nightlife. What's more there are often Ladies Nights where ladies get in free to most clubs and even get free drinks. It's not uncommon therefore for escorts to travel to the country with their friends. If there's a shortage of bookings, the girls are still going to have a good time.

Another attraction is the weather. In Dubai the sun shines every day. There are luxury hotels and stunning swimming pools where you can chill out , enjoy the sunshine, swim and just relax. That's a big attraction to working girls too. As foreign countries go, Dubai is pretty safe too, so you don't need to worry too much about being out late at night and taxis are readily available to get you around.

When it comes to advertising your escort services for the duration of your tour in Dubai there are a few good escort directories that are just the job. Rates are generally very cheap, nowhere near what an escort would pay in London or some other large cities. For less than 100 Euros you can advertise for a month. That's a good advertising deal! Some escort directories will have categories so that you can place your advertisement in the most appropriate place. For example, you might be from Spain and want to advertise in the European Escorts section, or maybe under busty escorts, if that description fits you! How you advertise yourself and for how long are all matters for you personally. You can advertise in advance of your arrival or wait until you get there.

Touring in Dubai isn't going to make you rich. But you will have a great time whilst enjoying the sunshine, letting your hair down and doing some mega shopping. If you dream about going to Dubai and meeting a rich man who will sweep your off your feet, then you're probably going to be disappointed! You will meet some interesting people though. The emirate is home to any number of expatriates. The largest section come from India but there are a good number of British, European and Americans here too and these are the people who are most likely to make up your clients.

Whilst Dubai is an expensive country, synonymous with luxury, and wages for expats can be high, escorts don't charge huge fees. One of the reasons for this is the competition; it's fierce! By which me mean there's a lot of it. A tour to Dubai is not therefore about making a bundle of money. It’s about combining all those things you most like to do an d being paid to be there!

Dubai is a real oasis in the middle of the dessert. At one time the emirate's fortunes were built on the oil industry but of more recent years it has been keen to build up its tourist industry, its construction industry and to become a financial service centre. Although the country did suffer in the financial crises in 2008, it has since made a substantial recovery and seems to be back on track.

Whether you make a habit of coming here or it's just a one off for you, if you are an escort then you should at least give Dubai a try! Find a couple of girlfriends who will go with you and you can have a fantastic time which should end up paying for itself!